Leading the charge with sustaineble, eco-friendly apparel, where every detail has been expertly refined.

From the original concepts and blueprints of the sustainable range, we knew we wanted to make something special. Right now, we’re proud to offer the largest selection of sustainable apparel to the US market.

The entire Quad Cities Marathon 2021 range has been made with recycled polyester. 

Varying between a total of two and fifteen recycled plastic bottles in each product, all Quad Cities Marathon merchandise this year is emblazoned with the Scimitar Recycled logo to showcase the sustainability. 

But how does it work? 

Well, it’s relatively simple to explain. 


Pre-consumer fiber waste and post-consumer plastics are collected and gathered together.


The collected plastic is then converted with a unique process, reformulating the plastic as a recycled resin.


The recycled resin chips are then extruded and textured, and put on a roll as polyester yarn. 


If you’re looking for recycled running singlets, tees or cycle jerseys for your company, club or charity, we can help.

Explore sustainable custom sportswear below.